World @Refugees Day

Today is World Refugee Day.  UNHCR, the UN Relief Agency, has started a campaign called “Do 1 Thing,” with the message “One refugee without hope is one too many.”

Earlier this year in SPIRIT, we highlighted the story of Chernor Bah, who grew up in war-torn Sierra Leone and went on to create the Children’s Forum Network of Sierra Leone and assisted in writing the UNICEF/UNFPA report “Will You Listen? Young voices from conflict zones.”

“Chernor believes that the most important thing the Children’s Forum accomplished was to change the attitude of the country towards children.  Children’s rights are now a commonly understood and accepted concept in Sierra Leone and politicians regularly listen to and consult the Children’s Forum.”
“Chernor says his story is pretty ordinary, much worse things happened to other people in Sierra Leone during the war.  Chernor values the ordinary stories because they tell the everyday fears of children during the war.”
“These stories have helped people see the importance of including children’s issues in work for peace and social change.  Chernor has helped bring peace into the lives of children in his homeland and given them a voice in this world.”
– Anna Zaros, “Chernor Bah,” SPIRIT Vol. 23 No. 17

What can you learn from Chernor about how to stand up for peace and justice?  What “one thing” can you do?


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