#HarryPotter and the SPIRIT Teen Board

The 24th Volume of SPIRIT is almost here!  Here’s a sneak peak of the first issue, which coincides with the Gospel for October 2, 2011, the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  SPIRIT editor Julie Surma conducted an interview with the Teen Board on the latest (and last) Harry Potter book and film.  Here is an excerpt from that issue:

SPIRIT cover 24 n. 1

Julie: Harry Potter has been a part of your lives.  The first book came out about when you were in kindergarten, then the other books, then the movies.

Megan: While we grew up, he grew up.

Katie: I love the sense of adventure and the friendships in the story. I can relate to him, especially his struggles at school.

Megan: I like that the books start with what happened to him as a baby, follow him throughout his life to when he is an adult with kids of his own.  You don’t get to hear the whole story like that very often.

Natalie: Harry has school struggles, girl problems, friend problems.  He’s like the super-cool kid who has your same problems, but much more to worry about.

Katie: Like Voldemort taking over his mind!

Want to know what religious themes the teens see in the books, and what they think about Dumbledore? Keep reading!  Download the full issue here (large pdf file).


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