Ready to Be Inspired? What in the World is Plumpy’Nut?

Plumpy’Nut is peanut butter for the starving. And it works.

Technically, Plumpy’Nut is ready-to-use therapeutic food. It’s food that can be given to anyone, anywhere.

It’s food that that swiftly brings kids from near death to relative health in a month.

How amazing is that?

It’s so amazing that a York, Pennsylvania teen made it her mission to tell the world about Plumpy’Nut and raise money to fight hunger in Africa. Elizabeth Stolz went on to found the Ithaca College Food for Thought student organization. Food for Thought has raised over $15,000 for African food aid.

Read Elizabeth’s blog to stay up to date with the global food crisis and friend them on Facebook.

Has she inspired you?


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