What’s Your Big Mac Worth?

What do you mean, what’s my Big Mac worth? In March, the Economist crowdsourced this information and published it on their blog, the Daily Chart.

Here in the U.S., a Big Mac costs about $3.50.

Why does that matter? Enter We Feed Back — an innovative program from the World Food Programme to share our food wealth with our favorite foods.

How does it work? Visit We Feed Back and enter the cost of your favorite food into their food calculator to see the value of that food as a donation.

The Big Mac? Well, it can feed FOURTEEN kids. Doesn’t that make you want to eat a PBJ sandwich at home and donate the money you would have spent going out?

Here is the mission of We Feed Back:

Welcome to the world’s largest community for sharing food and changing lives.  We Feedback’s mission is to enlist your help and the help of your social networks in the fight against the chronic hunger that burdens families all over the world.

Now grab a friend, enter your favorite food, and then donate that money to the World Food Programme. All I had to do was click on the Feed Them Now! button. How easy is that?


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