In the News: Catholic School Upsets Foe with ‘We’ve got Jesus’ Chant

Sometimes who is right and who is wrong isn’t so easy to judge.  Gray areas call for ethical discussion.  For example, in Cincinnati last week students from two rival football teams goaded each other  as fans do.  St. Xavier won the close game when Colerain missed a last-second field goal.  The St. Xavier fans chanted, “We’ve got Jesus.”  The Colerain coach thought their chant was way out of place.

Does he seem right?

Later St. Xavier students blogged that Colerain fans had taunted them for being an all-boys school with the chant, “We’ve got girls.”  Other teams often insult the Xavier students with gay slurs.  The school has strict rules about what its students can chant.  “We’ve got Jesus” is permissible.  The students have a case, too.

Please read the article and share your opinion.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?  What is your code for fan chants?

Catholic school upsets foe with ‘We’ve got Jesus’ chant – Prep Rally – High School Blog – Yahoo! Sports.


One thought on “In the News: Catholic School Upsets Foe with ‘We’ve got Jesus’ Chant

  1. Why don’t schools deal with sexism? “We’ve got girls,” views women as a commodity. Not funny. And since the all-boys school ain’t got girls, they have to be gay. Deal with the disrespect for women and see if other problems go away.
    P. Crandall

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