“Sing” – SPIRIT Xtra for November 20, Feast of Christ the King

“Sing,” My Chemical Romance, Sing – The Deluxe Single, Reprise Records

Gospel Reflection: In this Sunday’s gospel Jesus reveals that we will find him when we care for those in need, the ones he calls “the least of these.” He challenges us to live out our faith through helping others.  “Sing” encourages us to use our voices for services to others.

Key Lines: Sing it from the heart/Sing it till you’re nuts/Singing out for the ones that’ll hate your guts/Sing it for the deaf/Sing it for the blind/Sing about everyone that you left behind/Sing it for the world, sing it for the world

Questions: How can you use your voice for “the least of these?” What risks do you take when you speak out? Where do you see Jesus present in your community? How is doing an act of charity an expression of faith? What opportunities for service does your church or school provide? How can you get more involved?

adapted from SPIRIT Xtra for Teens 2011-2012 by Johanna Hatch


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