Pilgrimage to Paimol: Deepening the Mystery of God

This article is by Sister Marian Weinzapel, a Sister of St. Joseph in Gulu, Uganda and a friend of SPIRIT editor Sister Joan.

So, a pilgrimage to Paimol, the place of martyrdom of Blessed Daudi Okello and Jildo Irwa, teenage catechists, who died for the faith in 1918— what does it mean?
Thousands of people trek to this remote, desolate area [Northeastern Uganda near Karamoja and not far from Ethiopia and Kenya] to honor these martyrs every Oct. 20th. People come by bus, lorry, and on foot, some walking for days.
This year I found myself wanting to go. I know it is a day to honor catechists whom I try to encourage in my work in the Pastoral Coordinator’s office with the Catechist Desk and their new Association, GACA. I especially wanted to support their executive leaders and to go myself…Read full article


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