“Cup of Sorrow,” SPIRIT Xtra for January 15

“Cup of Sorrow,” Amos Lee, Mission Bell, Blue Note Records

Gospel Reflection: Just as Jesus invites disciples in Sunday’s gospel to come to his house and hang out, so also Jesus invites us to “come and see” who he is. How we respond matters.  “Cup of Sorrow” is a song about responding to the invitation, and sharing in the work of Jesus.

Key Lines: I want to sit at your table of wisdom/So that not one crumb shall go to waste/For if we keep down this pathway to destruction/Well, our children will suffer for our haste

Questions: What call do you hear from Jesus? How do you respond? Why is it important to you? What distracts you from Jesus’ call? What qualities do people who follow Jesus possess? How will your choices today impact future generations?


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