Live Life

Lent reminds us that we are called into a life of death and resurrection. In this world, in our society, we tend to focus on death. Death is something we get, we understand. It hurts, and it is scary. There are people dying because of war, hatred, poverty and sickness. Death is pervasive. On Easter Sunday, we are doused in the good news of resurrection. For one day we forget about death, and celebrate life. Easter is a day that reminds me that I have that choice every day. Every day I can choose life over death. I can make decisions about how I live my life that offers life to others. I can walk through my day exuding the good news of life. In appearing to Mary, in offering baptism as a symbol, Jesus is asking us to see life, believe in life, and live in the glory of the good news.

On Good Friday Jesus thinks that God has abandoned him. On Easter Sunday we see that God will never leave. We have the abundant, unconditional, irrational, merciful love of God every day if we choose to accept it. Every day we have new life offered to us to claim, knowing that we have life after death to look forward to.

On Easter Sunday and in baptism, God says to us, “You are mine. I love you. I will not forsake you. You are part of my unending life. A life that includes the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A life of abundance and joy. You belong to my vast and lovely family that includes the earth and the creatures. Together we will love and heal the universe. This will include dark times and pain, but I will never leave you. We share a spirit. All that I have is yours, and all that you have is mine. This will not end.”

Easter Sunday and baptism transcend time and space, connecting us to others that we love, and people we have never met. It reminds us that death ends a life on earth, but it does not end a relationship. Love goes on. Life wins.

That is good news. Happy Easter.

Where do you see death of the earth and its creatures? in other countries? In the United States? In your life?

For me, I work to choose life over death in small ways like choosing to drink water instead of Diet Coke, in not taking part in gossip and complaining, in turning off the television to talk with a friend, in being active in society against war, violence and poverty.

What are small ways you can claim life over death every day, living in a way that shows that you believe in life everlasting?


One thought on “Live Life

  1. Hurrah for choosing water over Coke, crocuses over concrete, and life over despair.

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