Current Music and the Gospel: “Gold On The Ceiling,” The Black Keys

“Gold On The Ceiling,” The Black Keys, El Camino, Nonesuch Records

Gospel Reflection for October 14th, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Spending our energy protecting fame, wealth, or material possessions can distract us from the people and experiences that are truly important. Jesus tries to help the rich young man in Sunday’s gospel understand that, but at the end of the story the young man walks away, still struggling.  The Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling” shows how the obsession with fame and wealth can drive someone to distraction.

Key Lines: The wanna get my/They wanna get my/Gold on the ceiling/I ain’t blind/Just a matter of time/Before you steal it/It’s alright/Ain’t no guard in my house

Questions: If you suddenly become rich, what do you think is the right thing to do with your wealth? Why? Why do you think Jesus asks the rich man to give his wealth away? Why give it to the poor? What makes it hard for someone attached to material things to become part of Jesus’ kingdom? Why do you think the singer says, “It’s alright,” to those who want to steal his wealth or fame?


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