Current Music and the Gospel: “I Found You,” Alabama Shakes

“I Found You,” Alabama Shakes, Boys and Girls, Rough Trade Records

Gospel Reflection for October 21st, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time: St. Francis of Assisi is often quotes as saying, “Preach the gospel at all times; use words when necessary.” Instead of displays of power, Jesus tells his disciples that service to one another is what shows that they are his followers. “I Found You” talks about how God works through the compassion of people.

Key Lines: If I’m gonna love you with all of my heart/and if there is no more time/this always remains/even as the world spins itself apart/’cause I remember them days I waited so patiently/for God to bring someone who’s gonna be good to me/and then he blessed my soul

Questions: Who are examples of those who serve in your church or community? What qualities do they possess? How does serving others show that you are a follower of Jesus? What was a time someone helped or served you? How did it make you feel? Why do you think Jesus prefers service to others to earthly power?


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