Current Music and the Gospel: “Wide Awake,” Katy Perry

Gospel Reflection for October 28th, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Sunday’s gospel recounts Jesus healing a blind beggar who asks for his help and shows faith in him. The man leaves begging behind and follows Jesus. Entering into a relationship with Jesus can change a person’s life in a major way. Jesus calls us to imitate him and bring hope and healing to the world. Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” shows how a major life event can radically change our outlook.

Key Lines: I’m wide awake/Not losing any sleep/Picked up every piece/And landed on my feet/I’m wide awake/Need nothing to complete myself, no/I’m wide awake/Yeah, I am born again/Outta the lion’s den/I don’t have to pretend

Questions: How has a relationship with Jesus changed you? When have you found faith in Jesus hard? In what ways are people “blind” to the needs of others? How can this type of blindness be healed? Who do you know that needs healing? What do you hope that Jesus will do for them?


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