Election Time

Well, the election is here. After hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on conventions, ads and debates, the day has arrived. Tuesday, November 6th is voting day. If you are eighteen, use your voice by taking the time to place your vote! Even if you are not old enough yet, encourage others to vote, and take the time to really think about what policies and issues you are called to care about as a faithful person.

How can you be politically active in society even after the election is over?

Do you think that is an important expression of faith?

The U.S. Catholic Bishops have come out strongly opposed to same-sex marriage, abortion and contraception. Specifically, they are opposing the new health care bill that mandates several institutions provide health care coverage for birth control. In an article by Mary Wisniewski at CNBC.com,

Read full article here

it was reported that U.S. Catholics think the church should focus more on social teaching and helping the poor even if it means focusing less on issues like abortion.

The survey is a good reminder to us that the church is the bishops, but it is also the people. As faithful people, we can use our voices and ask our bishops and our political leaders to put policy in place that advocate for the poor and vulnerable people in our communities. As we read the Gospel together week in and week out, we hear Jesus calling us to advocate for the poor. We can stand on that faith to work toward political change.

It is also good for me to remember that politics is only one way to address the brokenness in the world. Catholic Social Teaching talks about the importance of both justice and charity. I cannot sit on the couch and expect my bishops and leaders to do all the work for me. My vote and my voice are only part of the process of change.

Where in your community do you see brokenness?

What can you do today to help?

Young people have always been a force for change in our great country. The young vote matters, and the time and energy young people put into charity and justice work does make a difference.

What young movements do you see happening today?

Where do you fit into the movement?  

Photo courtesy of League of Women Voters of California via Creative Commons License


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