Current Music and the Gospel: “Love be Your Mantra,” Future of Forestry

“Love be Your Mantra,” Future of Forestry, Young Man Follow, Credential Recordings

Gospel Reflection for November 11, 2012, 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Sunday’s gospel shows us that Jesus asks for our very best, even though it is very different for each person. A widow’s gift to the temple is small compared to those of the rich men around her, but her gift means the most to Jesus because he recognizes how much of a sacrifice her pennies are. As the song “Love Be Your Mantra” explains, we don’t have to be rich to give; giving what we can with love is the best gift of all.

Key Lines: The doctrines buzz/The bombs will fly/The judgments pass/Until it halts we’ll cry/Take what you’re granted/Love be your mantra/Take what you’re handed/Love be your mantra

Questions: How do you use your gifts and talents to serve others? What makes sharing what you have with others hard? Describe a time you gave away or shared something important to you. How did it feel to do that? Describe someone in your church or community who is like the widow in Sunday’s gospel. How does this person show what Jesus values?



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