Current Music and the Gospel: “Afterlife,” Switchfoot

“Afterlife,” Switchfoot, Vice Verses, lowercase people records/Atlantic

Gospel Reflection for November 25th, Feast of Christ the King: To honor the feast of Christ the King, Jesus tells us in the gospel, “My kingdom is not here.” We often think of Jesus’ kingdom as heaven, an afterlife that is separate from our lives on earth. However, as Christians, we also pray to make our society “on earth as it is in heaven.” In the song “Afterlife,” Switchfoot sings an anthem for anyone who doesn’t want to wait to help bring Jesus’ kingdom to our world.

Key Lines: Cause every day the world is made/A chance to change/But I feel the same/And I wonder/Why would I wait till I die to come alive? I’m ready now/I’m not waiting for the afterlife

Questions: If Jesus’ kingdom does not belong to the world, what do you think is the role of Christians in the world? Do you think it’s enough for people to say they are a “Christian?” Why or why not? What do you think needs to change to make the world more like Jesus’ kingdom? What can you do to help make that happen?


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