Current Music and the Gospel: “Out on the Road,” Norah Jones

“Out on the Road,” Norah Jones, Little Broken Hearts, Blue Note/EMI

Gospel Reflection for December 9: Just as John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus in Sunday’s gospel, many saints and everyday people have prepared the way for each of us by serving their families, the Church, and their neighbors. Advent calls us to continue to prepare the way for each other by turning to God and working to create a more just world. “Out on the Road” is a song about seeking a change and forging a new way.

Key Lines: Got about a half a tank left/That could do but only if I’m lucky/But either way/I’m leaving/Oh, I’m leaving/On my way to paradise/A little voice says/”Don’t think twice/And don’t look back if you want things to change”

Questions: What needs to be done to make your road ready for God? What do you need to leave behind? How do you feel about change? Is it exciting, frightening, or something else? In what ways is following Jesus like an adventure? Who are people that have “prepared the way” for you to celebrate and learn about your faith?


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