Current Music and the Gospel: “Ready Or Not,” Britt Nicole

“Ready Or Not,” Britt Nicole, Gold, EMI CMG/Sparrow

Gospel Reflection for December 16, 3rd Sunday of Advent: John the Baptist lives a demanding life of fasting and preaching the good news in order to prepare the way for Jesus’ ministry. He doesn’t shy away from what God calls him to do; he chooses to be who he is meant to be. “Ready or Not,” an upbeat anthem by Britt Nicole that features Lecrae, charges us up to be who we are and answer God’s call to share who we are with the world.

Key Lines: Ready or not/Here, here, here, here I come/I’m about to show you where the light comes from Oh, oh/Ready or not here, here I come/This is who I am/I won’t hide it/I’m a take it all over the world/To the young to the old every boy and girl/Ready or not here I come/I’m a show the world where the love is

Questions: How does being yourself help show others who Jesus is? What makes you feel shy about talking about faith or religion? How does John the Baptist help prepare people for the ministry of Jesus? Who do you know that is a ‘prophet,’ announcing good news, like John the Baptist? Who in your community needs to be shown love? How can you help?


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