Current Music & The Gospel: “Lights,” Ellie Goulding

“Lights,” Ellie Goulding, Lights, Polydor UK Ltd.

Gospel Reflection for December 23, 4th Sunday of Advent: As Elizabeth welcomes Mary and celebrates the new life of Jesus in her womb, we celebrate and give thanks for those who welcome us with such joy. Her example challenges us to be a welcoming presence in the world. “Lights” by Ellie Goulding celebrates the family love that always welcomes us home.

Key Lines: You show the lights that stop me turn to stone/You shine them when I’m alone/And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong/And dreaming when they’re gone/’Cause they’re calling, calling, calling me home/Calling, calling, calling home

Questions: Who are you especially close to in your family? How do these people show you their love for you? What do you think Elizabeth’s welcome means to Mary? How does your church community show hospitality? What can you do to help your church community be more welcoming to young people or anybody? How do you recognize the divine in your family or friends?


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