Current Music and the Gospel: “Try,” Pink

“Try,” Pink, The Truth About Love, RCA

Gospel Reflection for January 27, 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Sunday’s gospel takes us to the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, speaking and teaching in the synagogues of Galilee. When Jesus identifies himself as the anointed one of God, he proclaims his role as bringing justice to the world. Jesus’ example calls us as his followers to be voices for justice in our communities, even when it seems hard to do.

Key Lines: Where there is desire/There is gonna be a flame/Where there is a flame/Someone’s bound to get burned/But just because it burns/Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die/You’ve got to get up and try

Questions: In what ways can our lives fulfill the mission of Jesus to bring good news to the poor and sight to the blind? When has the need for justice in the world seemed overwhelming? How do you think Jesus would respond to your feelings? Who works for justice in your community? How do they inspire you? Do you think it is necessary for Christians to work for a more just world? Why or why not?


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