Current Music & The Gospel: “Second Chance,” Tristan Prettyman

Gospel Reflection for March 3, 3rd Sunday of Lent: In Sunday’s gospel parable Jesus teaches his followers both to be more forgiving and to ask for forgiveness when they make a mistake. The gardener in the parable gives the fig tree one more chance to bear fruit, but it can be much harder to give a person who hurt us a second chance. Tristan Prettyman sings about this struggle in her song “Second Chance.”

Key Lines: How many times will you get it wrong/Before you get it right?/Alright, alright/You had my love in your hands, but I’m taking it back/Because it’s not alright/You already got your second chance

Questions: What, if anything, do you think is unforgivable? Do you think there is anything that God will not forgive? How is God’s forgiveness different from human forgiveness? Describe a time when someone gave you a second chance. What was the outcome? How do you feel about the phrase “forgive and forget”? Do you think it is wise advice? Why or why not?


One thought on “Current Music & The Gospel: “Second Chance,” Tristan Prettyman

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