And on the third day, Jesus was raised from the dead.screenshot_258

We say on Easter morning, “Christ is risen! Alleluia!” We are supposed to shout it. If we say it too half-heartedly, the priest will make us say it again. Sometimes, we shout it just so we can move on with Mass, not because we are struck by joy and love. We can’t force Alleluia, it has to swell from a true place deep inside of us. Look at the reaction of Jesus’ closest friends. They did not cry out, “Alleluia!” at the sight of the empty tomb. Mary ran to Peter, scared, angry and confused. She thought Jesus had been taken. The disciples ran to the tomb, saw Jesus’ cloth coverings, returned home and locked the doors. There was no rejoicing. When the disciples saw Jesus, when Thomas touched his wounds, that is when the Alleluia’s started.

We, however, don’t get to see Jesus risen from the dead. We are asked to believe without seeing. And we, like the disciples, are not very good at that. For thousands of years, we have been trying to explain the resurrection of Jesus. We use science and theology. We think and think, write and write, but this truth at the center of our faith is inexplicable. The best kind of love is inexplicable.

Jesus’ love was dangerous, powerful. The religious people of his time could not even see it. His love was so dangerous, crossed so many boundaries and accepted people so marginalized that he was killed for it. Humans rejected it. They said no to Jesus’ love. But then God rejected that rejection and showed us that love wins. Life wins. It is scary and dangerous, but we are called to be brave, accept it, move past fear, unlock our doors and find our Alleluia.

The best kind of love is hard to accept. We hesitate. We second guess ourselves. We react in fear, or are silenced in awe before we let ourselves rejoice in it. We only receive the love we think we deserve. There are moments when I receive pure love from my spouse, and I don’t think I deserve it. I shy away from it. He loves me for who I really am, not who I want to be. And so it is with God. God’s love is too much. The resurrection is inexplicable. We want to reject God, but God won’t let us. In the morning, there is love and life. No matter what. All we need to do is stope trying to reject it, stop trying to explain it away. This Easter season, we are simply called to bask in the inexplicable love of Christ and whisper, “Alleluia!”

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