Current Music and the Gospel: SPIRIT Xtra for October 20

In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus tells his disciples about a widow who refuses to give up until she receives the justice she deserves. Jesus’ story shows us that God will not abandon us in our struggles. For all of us, persisting through the challenges we face is not easy, but it is almost always worth it.

Key lines: Hey, this is not a funeral/It’s a revolution, after all your tears have turned to rage/Just wait, everything will be okay/Even when you’re feeling like it’s going down in flames

Questions: When have you had to persist and keep trying, even though you wanted to give up? How did things turn out? When is persisting in practicing your faith hard? Who helps you keep going when you feel like giving up? How do they yelp you? Who do you see working to create a more just community?


2 thoughts on “Current Music and the Gospel: SPIRIT Xtra for October 20

  1. Anna-Maria Cruz

    I have had to not give up on many things. One thing i have wanted to give up on was getting good grades. At one point I was getting frustrated because, I wasn’t getting the grades I usually get. I really wanted to just give up but, i didn’t and things turned out very well. I started to get really good grades and I was very happy. Sometimes practicing your faith gets tough. It is hard to keep up with all the gospels and try to get the concept out of each and every one of them. My parents are always there for me when i try to give up. When i feel like quitting, my parents always keep me going and help me in the best ways possible. They do many things to help me. My parents always try to put me in a good mood so that I am positive and not always negative about everything. They also try and help me and talk to me about my problem. This always helps. I see myself trying my hardest and taking my experiences to create a more just community. Hopefully I can take what my faith has taught me so far and take that to the next level and make the world a better place.

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