Current Music and the Gospel: Spirit Xtra for October 27

Jesus emphasizes humility in Sunday’s gospel. He holds the sinner who asks God for forgiveness more justified than the Pharisee who wants God to appreciate how pious he is. The song, “You and Me (But Mostly Me)” is a tongue in cheek look at two young missionaries setting out with one taking the lead and the credit, while the other is much more humble and in the end more effective.

Key Lines: I’ve always had the hope that on the day I go to heaven/Heavenly Father will shake my hand and say, “You’ve done an awesome job, Kevin!”/Now it’s our time to go out and set the world’s people free (My best friend…)/And we can do it together, you and me – but mostly me!

Questions: Why do you think Jesus lifts up the sinner more than the righteous man? Do you think that’s fair? Why or why not? How do you think of yourself – more as the star of the show or the humble sidekick? How do you feel about that role, or do you wish it were different? What do you think impresses God?


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