Music & The Gospel: “Price Tag” by Jessie J

In Sunday’s gospel Jesus insists that worrying about material wealth won’t bring security and safety. He holds up the birds of the air and lilies of the field as examples of God’s care that we can trust. Our culture reinforces that idea that buying things and having more than those around us will make us happy, but as followers of Jesus, we know true joy is our relationships. The song “Price Tag” is a reminder of the distractions of money and glamour, and where we find true happiness.

Key Lines: Why is everybody so obsessed? / Money can’t buy us happiness / Can we all slow down and enjoy right now? / Guarantee we’ll be feeling alright

Questions: What material things distract you from what is important? When does money cause you worry or stress? What do you think Jesus would tell you about that? What responsibility do you think we have to those who are poor or in need in other ways? How can the way we use our resources, such as money, be an expression of what we believe?


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