Current Music & The Gospel: “We Remain” and the 2nd Sunday of Lent

On the mountain of transfiguration three friends glimpse Jesus’ true self. We take a risk when we share our true selves with the world. Our hopes, dreams, values, and everything that makes us unique are gifts that only we can share with the world. “We Remain” reminds us that these things, which make up our true identity, are most important.

Key Lines: Burn me with fire / Drown me with rain / I’m gonna wake up / Screaming your name / Yes I’m a sinner / Yes I’m a saint / Whatever happens here / Whatever happens here / We remain

Questions: What values do you hold that you think you will hold throughout your life? When is it difficult to maintain your values? Who shares your values? How do they help you stay true to what matters to you? What are qualities you have that you would like others to see? What risks do you take when you share your true self with others?


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