Current Music & The Gospel: “Kids,” Saints of Valory

Jesus chooses to talk to a Samaritan woman even though most Jews shun and look down on Samaritan as heretics. The woman’s testimony about who Jesus is brings many others in her community to believe in him. They trust her word. The song “Kids” reminds us that even with faults and mistakes, our stories matter.

Key Lines: We were just kids / With our hopes, with our dreams, with our faults / We were just boys / Run away love in the ghost town of hearts / Welcome to my story / To the story of my life / I won’t leave you behind / I won’t leave you in the dark

Questions: How does your background influence the way you approach your faith? What makes someone trustworthy to you? What do you think makes someone ready to hear the gospel message? Why do you think Jesus chooses to reveal himself to someone considered an outcast?

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