Music and the Gospel: “Our Generation,” John Legend & the Roots

The world only gets better when people actively work to make it a better place. God has beautiful dreams for our world and placed this precious gift in our hands to bring those dreams into fruition. God acts through and within each of us, but we must be open and willing to the Spirit’s movement. We must say yes to the urges to stand up for the kid who is getting picked on, to research an injustice we are curious about, or write a letter to our politician. John Legend makes it clear — “It’s all left up to us.”

Key Lines: Hope of the world is in our generation (let’s straighten it out) / It’s all left up to us, to change this present situation (let’s straighten it out) / As long as there’s a you, there’s a better me / It’s why we’re together and stronger than they ever thought it could be.

Questions: What have you seen recently on the news or in your life that you felt was unjust? Who was/is hurt by this? Who is working to straighten out this injustice? How can you become part of this work?




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