Music and the Gospel: “See You Again,” Carrie Underwood; All Souls day

All Souls Day is a time to remember and pray for our lost loved ones. As followers of Jesus, we each bring God’s love to life in our own ways. In our Church we live in communion with all who walked this earth and showed Jesus’ teaching to others through their lives. We can keep the spirit of those we have lost alive by learning from their lives. Remembering how they lived the gospel and incorporating these actions into our own lives allows us to spread their love throughout our communities.

Key lines: “But I won’t cry / Cause I know I’ll never be lonely / For you are the stars to me / You are the light I follow.”

Questions: Call to mind a person you have lost or a saint that you identify with. What do you admire about the person? What made him or her special? How can you keep this person’s spirit alive in your daily life?


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