Music and the Gospel: “Made New,” Lincoln Brewster; Baptism of the Lord

This is the beginning of a new year.  In Sunday’s gospel we hear about the baptism of Jesus, a beginning for him.  Set aside time this week to think about your own baptism, which you won’t recall if you were an infant!  What do you know about it?  Think of ways you can renew that baptismal promise now.  Reflect on the ways in which the Spirit is present in your daily life and pay attention emotions that may stir up.  How might you treat others differently, knowing that the Holy Spirit is alive in you and in them?

Key Lines: “You hold my head up, / You remind me who I am / You hold my head up / I’m alive in You again”

Questions: What do you hear is renewing in the Gospel? In what ways is the Spirit alive in you?  How does this console you in difficult moments and hold your head up?


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