Music and the Gospel: “Ready Set Go,” Royal Tailor, feat. Capital Kings

Have you ever been on what felt like a never-ending road trip? Maybe you were restless to know your destination, return home, or stretch your legs. In our faith journeys we can feel similarly: we want to know God’s plan, we wonder how we will fit in our church community, or earthly distractions bogged down. Pay attention to the words of Jesus in the Gospel this week, for he is calling each of us to be a fisher of people. Jesus does not call the disciples and give them all the answers about how to be disciples. What matters is responding. The first disciples responded…even without a fancy GPS or a roadmap. Just be ready, set, and go out into the world!

Key Lyrics: “This love is something everyone needs to know / Hearts are callin’, no more stalling / it’s just Ready, Set, Go!”

Questions: How can you prepare yourself – mentally, physically, emotionally – to enter into prayer with God each day? Draw a roadmap of your faith, the ups, downs, turns, and detours.  How has Christ accompanied you during that journey?


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