Music and the Gospel: “Try,” Colbie Caillat

This song wants us to look behind the mirrors at our real selves. It wants us to question why we try so hard to be somebody else. We all feel out of place at times, especially in high school. In these moments of self-criticism and waning confidence, it can be good to remember that God loves us and values us more than we know or more than we love ourselves. God loves the parts of us we are still learning to love ourselves. Learn to see yourself through your Creator’s eyes and you will begin to love the unique and wonderful person you are.

Key Lyrics: Get your shopping on / At the mall, / max your credit cards / you don’t have to choose / Buy it all / So they like you / Do you like you / Why should you care, what they think of you / When you’re all alone, by yourself / Do you like you? Do you like you? / You don’t have to try so hard

Questions: Find a partner. Write down five things you like or find interesting about the other person. Look at the words your partner writes about you. Add five more things you like or find interesting about yourself. Take a moment to imagine how God views you and all the gifts and beauty you have. God has these ten words and many more in mind in the gift of your existence.

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