Music and the Gospel: “Scandal of Grace,” Hillsong United; Passion/Palm Sunday

Did you catch the small, but central, detail in the gospel from Mark for Palm Sunday? Jesus, the Son of God, is riding into Jerusalem…on a donkey! This was utterly scandalous. After all, if someone were to be considered a “king,” they would be escorted by soldiers and riding royally on a fine steed through the gates. Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem is starkly different: Jesus displays deep humility. He enters the city in peace. As you enter Holy Week, carry this humility with you in your daily life.

Key Lyrics: The cross has taught me to live / And mercy, my heart now to sing / The day and its trouble shall come / I know that your strength is enough / the scandal of grace, you died in my place / So my soul will live

Questions: Reflect on friends and family in your life, calling to mind all who live with a spirit of humility. How have you been taught to live in new ways during Lent? In what ways do you feel called to share in the ultimate hope of Christ?


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