Music and the Gospel: “Courage,” Villagers

Following the teachings of Jesus isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it means standing alone, even against our own culture and community.  This week’s Spirit discusses the life of St. Kateri Takakwitha.  Kateri’s life with her Mohawk tribe taught her courage, composure, even a sense of fearlessness, when it came to following her own path, even though she would have had an easier time following the beliefs of her community.

Key lines: Courage / It’s a feeling like no other / Let me tell you, yeah / Courage / In harmony with something other than your ego / Courage / The sweet belief of knowing nothing comes free

Questions: When Jesus invites you to follow him, how do you respond?  What are you willing to part with in service to the less fortunate?  Who do you feel the need to help?


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