Music and the Gospel: “Set The World On Fire,” Britt Nicole

“Whoever among you wants to be first must serve the needs of all.  The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve.”  This Sunday’s Spirit focuses on service.  By sustaining the Empty Bowls project and donating the proceeds to Heifer International (which then provides a means for helping people become more self-sufficient), the students at Cretin Durham are participating in a project that keeps giving.  They’ve taken to heart and put into action Jesus’ call to help people in need, both their neighbors and the community at large.

Key lines: I wanna feed the hungry children / And reach across the farthest land / And tell the broken there is healing / And mercy in the Father’s hands

Questions: What is a service project you would like to become more involved in or start in your community or school?  What has past experience working on a service project taught you?  How did it change your perspective?


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