Music and the Gospel: “Do Something,” Matthew West

It’s easy to see some sort of trauma all around us: in the news, on the playground, in the home.  It’s also easy to look to God and wonder why bad things happen.  Matthew West’s song “Do Something”  is a call to action.  It urges us to look directly at our world and take in the injustice and change it, whether that’s by signing a petition, standing up for someone, or participating in a program that aims to educate and take on larger social issues. Remember: “No situation is too big for God.  If you believe that, it’s not too big for you.”

Key lines: Right now, it’s time for us to do something / If not now, then when / Will we see an end to all this pain / It’s not enough to do nothing / It’s time to do something

Questions: Think about a time you or someone you know went through a traumatic event.  How did that event make you feel?   How has faith helped you or someone you know overcome a difficult time in your/their life?  What are some ways you can pass on what you learned during that difficult time?  How can you get involved with others who are possibly going through a similar experience?


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