Music and the Gospel: “Adventure of a Lifetime,” Coldplay; Baptism of the Lord

Few Catholics remember their Baptisms because our parents had us baptized as babies. Jesus’ baptism gives us time to think about what being baptized means. In the song “Adventure of a Lifetime,” Coldplay sings out lyrics that express the change Baptism awakens in those who choose consciously to follow Jesus and his teachings. Where will opening our lives to God, to faith in Jesus, to being part of the community that continues his mission in the world take us? We open ourselves to the adventure of a lifetime.

Key Lyrics: I feel my heart beating / Cause you make me feel / Like I’m alive again / Alive again

Questions: What does your baptism mean to you? What is a way you live out your faith in Jesus? What do you appreciate about being a part of the worldwide community of Christians? What Church group do you like to participate in? Why?


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