Music and the Gospel: “Chasing Shadows,” Santigold, 1st Sunday of Lent

Santigold says that her song “Chasing Shadows” is about being “caught in the web we spin around ourselves…as quickly as we reach our goals, our gaze shifts to those still looming…we judge ourselves harshly for not being further ont he path” (Pitchfork). High school is a stressful time. Our own expectations and the expectations of those around us put the weight of the world on our shoulders. It’s important to recognize when we need to slow down, when we or someone around us might not be making the best decisions, whether it’s about grades, relationships, or even physical health.

Key Lyrics: Maybe I won’t get it wrong, no patience for myself / Only this is ideas come old, I’m living on the shelf / I will follow in thinkin’ the long way if my standards hold up

Questions: What expectations do you have for yourself? What expectations do others have for you? Which expectations influence the way you make decisions? How do you balance these expectations?

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