Music and the Gospel: “All I Need,” Cape Cub, 30th Sunday Ordinary Time

“All who make little of themselves will be lifted up, but all who make much of themselves will be brought down (Luke 18.14).” It can be difficult to work hard achieving a goal or be part of a team only to find out we’ve been “benched.” Our pride and sense of self-righteousness can make us blind to the larger picture. “All I Need” is about losing what we think is our rightful place. Humility can open our eyes to who we really are and help us better serve our teams, communities, and people.

Key Lyrics: Everything that meant something to me / Fell out of reach… / Everything that I just couldn’t see, / So far out of reach.. / You are all I need

Questions: When were you forced to sit on the sidelines? How did you feel about this? What did you learn from this experience? What does humility mean to you?


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