Music and the Gospel: “Youth,” Troye Sivan, 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time

This week’s SPIRIT theme is about choices and circumstances. Troye Sivan sings a song that plays the “what if” game, just like one of the characters in this week’s story. She wonders what would have happened if she hadn’t rubbed the cross on her visor; however, her friends point out that God is always with us, no matter what choices we make and the circumstances we find ourselves in. But choices have consequences. We can trust in God to stay with us no matter the consequences but not to prevent them.

Key Lyrics: What if, what if we start to drive / What if, what if we close our eyes / What if, speeding through red lights into paradise / …Cross your fingers, here we go

Questions: What choices have you made without seeing the consequences? When have you been lucky enough to escape consequences you didn’t see coming? When have you felt God’s presence in a tough time? How has faith helped you make decisions or get through a difficult time?


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