Music and the Gospel: “Beamish Boy,” Daunt, Christ the King

Sometimes we make risky decisions. I don’t need to study for a test. I stay out a little later than I tell my parents. I decide that one drink at a party won’t hurt anything. Then I get busted and have two explain myself to those I respect and care about. Or, on the other hand, I’m the one a friend disappoints and I find the risky choice hard to forgive. Daunt’s song “Beamish Boy” is about blurring lines between wrong and right and ultimately making risky decisions. This week’s SPIRIT theme is about taking responsibility for the consequences that can result when we make hurtful decisions and break our promises.

Key Lyrics: Do you feel the same? / As the road begins to fray / The coming days / And what you’ll say / And you can’t decide / If it’s wrong or it’s right / What you’ve done here / For a better life

Questions: When have you felt disappointed in someone? What were the consequences? How did you forgive and move on or did you? What actions do you find difficult to forgive? When have you been forgiven?


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