Music and the Gospel: “Fire,” Barns Courtney, 1st Sunday of Advent

Anger is a powerful emotion. Sometimes it turns a negative situation into a positive. It can give us strength to push through a difficult or painful situation. On the other hand, anger and resentment can lead us to lash out and say or do things we don’t mean, inflicting our own pain on someone else. As a result, anger can teach us valuable lessons in forgiveness and apologies. Barns Courtney’s song is about how our emotions motivate us and how we channel that fire.

Key Lyrics: Lonely shadows following me / Lonely ghosts come calling / Lonely voices talking to me / Now I’m gone, now I’m gone, now I’m gone / …Oh gimme that fire / Oh gimme that fire / Burn, burn, burn

Questions: Who or what has made you feel angry? How did you deal with it? How were you able to let the resentment go? When have you made someone else angry? How did this person forgive you?


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