Music and the Gospel: “Holy Ground,” Banners, Epiphany

People have made pilgrimages for centuries to sacred places. When we shed the walls of our daily life and take only what we can carry, we take away distractions and open ourselves up to God’s presence all around us in Earth, in one another, within ourselves. We can reflect what faith means to us and share our faith with those who pilgrimage with us. The song “Holy Ground” is about recognizing the beauty that surrounds us and connects us to other people and the world.

Key Lines: And we’re standing on holy ground / So heart don’t fail me now / And even if the walls were falling down / It will always be us, be us / This is holy ground

Questions: Disconnect from your smartphones and email for an hour, take a walk or talk to someone. What do you notice now that you have unplugged? In whom or what do you see the face of God?


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