Music and the Gospel: “King of Kings,” Hillsong United, Epiphany

This week’s SPIRIT explores the story of magi, three seekers from lands other than Israel who journey to Jerusalem to find the newborn king. Like them we are seekers who see God’s hand in the stars and in all of nature. With God becoming human in Jesus, Christians now also look for ways Jesus appears in our lives. People live his message of love, graciousness, and and compassion all around us, sometimes in the most unexpected places and people. Someone helps a stranger cross an icy street. Someone volunteers his or her own free time to help others. Many makes sacrifices to support their family. Hillsong United’s song “King of Kings” celebrates the birth of Jesus and his message of hope and love.

Lyrics: In the darkness, we were waiting / Without hope, without light / ‘Til from Heaven You came running / There was mercy in Your eyes / To fulfill the law and prophets / To a virgin came the Word / From a throne of endless glory / To a cradle in the dirt / Praise the Father, praise the Son / Praise the Spirit, three in one / God of glory, Majesty / Praise forever to the King of Kings

Questions: In what ways do you see Jesus around you? Who around you embodies his message? What are some ways you find Jesus?

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