Music and the Gospel: “We Got The Power,” Gorillaz, 2nd Sunday of Easter

Jesus calls forth their best selves in his disciples and sends his friends forth to spread the good news of his resurrection. Thomas touches the risen Jesus’ wounds and believes. SPIRIT extends the call that echoes down the centuries to continue Jesus’ mission, to go forth, and help our neighbors during times of need and crises. The song “We Got the Power” is an anthem about loving each other and working together towards a better future.

Key lines: We got the power to be loving each other / No matter what happens / We’ve got the power to do that / On a le pouvoir de s’aimer, okay? / We got the power to be ringing the great bell out there above us / We got the power for that / We got the power to do that

Questions: When have you experienced a community in crisis from tragedy or disasters? What did people need? What ways did you find to help people? When have you seen a community stand together? What initiatives would you like to start or volunteer for within your community?

Music and the Gospel: “Wild Things,” Alessia Cara, 2nd Sunday of Easter

When Alessia Cara sings out to let your face “shine, shine, shine,” she celebrates the grace that every individual brings to our lives and communities. SPIRIT celebrates the Starry Night Prom that students at De La Salle High School host for people who are disabled. They welcome more than a thousand people. The prom has become a favorite event for the hosts and the guests as both delight in friendship and happiness.

Key lines: We will carve our place into time and space / We will find our way, or we’ll make a way, say hey, hey / Hey find your grace, don’t hide your face / And let it shine, shine, shine

Questions: How do differently-abled students fit in at your school and community? What have your learned from volunteering with people unlike you? How does volunteering build relationships and understanding?


Music and the Gospel: “Am I Wrong,” Nico & Vinz; 2nd Sunday of Easter

Nico & Vinz share their struggle of feeling alone when they think outside the box and strive for something beyond their reach. They reassure themselves that persevering on this journey will make them grow. In the music video, we see that although they are physically alone at times, they are both on the same journey. Remembering that we are walking the same journey as Jesus, and as many other Catholics, can help us feel community with this larger group.

Key Lyrics: I ain’t tryna do what everybody else doing / Just cause everybody doing what they all do / If one think I know, I’ll fall but I’ll grow / I’m walking down this road of mine, this road that I call home

Questions: When do you feel outside the box at school, at your activities, among your friends, or within your own family? When do you experience wanting to reach for something but can’t do it alone? Create a poster that shows in words and pictures what you would like Jesus’ followers today to do for the world. Sign the poster. The next time you feel out of the box being a Christian, remember all the people who are on the journey alongside you.