Music and the Gospel: “Remedy,” Adele, 4th Sunday of Lent

Throughout our lives we make many decisions.  Some are no-brainers.  Some difficult and scary, even painful and heartbreaking.  Spirit follows the inner workings of one young woman’s thought process as she weighs her options, her conscience, and the advice of those around her to make the best choice possible for all involved.  Adele’s song expresses the how one moment can change our lives forever.

Lyrics: I remember all the things that I thought I wanted to be / So desperate to find a way out of my world / And finally breathe / Right before my eyes I saw my heart come to life / This ain’t easy, it’s not meant to be/ Every story has its scars

Questions: Think back to a time when you had to make a difficult decision.  How did you feel?  How did you approach the choice?  What reasons did you have for going one way rather than another?  What resulted from your decision and what did you learn from the experience?

Music and the Gospel: “Greater,” MercyMe; 4th Sunday of Lent

One of the most recognizable verses from the Bible is central to Sunday’s gospel. “For God so loved the world that God gave the only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life” (John 3.16). After this hope-filled declaration, the gospel contrasts light and darkness. The song helps us remember that the journey from darkness to light is not confined to a single moment but rather is an ongoing conversion. Christ, the light of the world, continually calls us into that light.

Key Lyrics: I hear a voice and he calls me redeemed / When others say I’ll never be enough / And greater is the One living inside of me / Then he who is living in the world

Questions: Name a few moments when you witness hope for a world that God dearly loves. Where or in whom do you see Christ’s light? What do you see with the light of Jesus’ love and teaching? What do you see as the purpose in your life?