Music and the Gospel: “Love With Your Life,” Hollyn, 3rd Sunday of Easter

“Eucharist is the central action of the Christian community…It’s where we find the future we want to commit ourselves to build.” Spirit explores how every Eucharist calls us to put our faith into action and to love with our lives as Jesus did, reaching out to all, familiar friends and new and different people. Hollyn’s song “Love With Your Life” boldly challenges us to live life fully and become symbols of hope and change, whether by helping someone obtain a simple meal, learning about a social issue, or taking an active role in social justice issues.

Key Lines: You gotta love with your life / Like a fire burning strong / Til’ the night has come and gone / There’s a hope that lives in you / You gotta love with your life / Like a warrior / Fight, lay it on the line / If you wanna see a change / You gotta love with your life

Questions: When have you been unable to ignore the plight of someone in your school or community? What did you do to help in that moment? What situations or people do you feel your community ignores? How can you make people more aware of this issue? What does Eucharist teach you about loving with your life?

Check out these Social Justice Resources to learn more getting involved in your school and community.

Music and the Gospel: “something in the Water,” Carrie Underwood, Easter/2nd Sunday of Easter

Easter is where Christian faith begins. It celebrates Jesus’ resurrection. The Church often baptizes new believers at Easter time. SPIRIT is about a young woman who wakes up to what she believes at a baptism. For some people, believing is as natural as breathing; others journey through doubting and questioning. They may find people in their lives whose faith opens their hearts and minds to the teachings of Jesus. The song “Something in the Water” is about opening ourselves up to the possibilities that come with faith and embracing a wider community that encourages and sustains us.

Key Lines: There must be something in the water / Oh, there must be something in the water / And now I’m singing along to amazing grace / Can’t nobody wipe this smile off my face / Got joy in my heart, angels on my side / Thank God almighty, I saw the light / Gonna look ahead, no turning back / Live everyday, give it all that I have / Trust in someone bigger than me / Ever since the day that I believed

Questions: Where are you on your faith journey? How do you describe yourself as a believer? How do examples of faith in other people inspire you? Who has influenced your believing? What baptisms have you witnessed? What does baptism mean to you?

Music and the Gospel: “Simplify,” Young The Giant

This week’s SPIRIT asks us what will happen if we unplug from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and just slowed down. What will we see and hear without distractions vying for our attention?  The teens of St. Clement’s Church take this question to heart and embark on a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago. The pilgrimage connects the teens with the physical world around them and wakes up their spiritual consciousness. The song “Simplify” is about shedding the distractions of the modern world and opening our eyes to the people and world around us.

Key Lyrics: Stressing over this, stressing over that, we’re falling / Like the whole world is banging on the door calling / Are we gonna lose? Is it gonna last? / Worry about the future, worry about the past / Filter out the noise, focus on my voice and fall in / …Everything simplifies / All we need is nothing more / When everything simplifies / You and I need nothing more / Everything simplifies

Questions: When have you taken a faith journey or pilgrimage? What did you carry with you? What did you learn from it? In what ways did it help you simplify your life? Where do you see the face of God?