Current Music and the Gospel: December 8 SPIRIT Xtra

John the Baptist challenges the Pharisees and Sadducees to live lives that match the words they speak in this Sunday’s gospel. People in our world obsess with image. To live true to what we believe and who we really want to be is hard. The song “Red Hands” describes the challenge of being honest with ourselves and others.

Key Lines: I realize that I got red hands, I wanna change this / Don’t ask me why I choose to lie, I stay blind, oh / It’s clear to me that you are fuming too, your accusations are burning through / Is that what you really want?

Questions: What makes owning up to our mistakes so difficult? When is a time that you have forgiven someone else? Who
challenges you to be true to yourself? When is it difficult to be honest with yourself or others? How do you think Jesus wants us to prepare for him?