Faith in Action: Ishmael Beah

This week’s issue of SPIRIT ONLINE features an excerpt from “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah.

As a child soldier Ishmael Beah learned firsthand that revenge spreads and multiplies without limits or fairness. He joined the army rather than starve after his family was killed. Older soldiers told him the army gave him a way to avenge the killings of his family. At the United Nations Ishmael testifies to what he has lived: revenge never ends, killing leads to more killing.

Here he further discusses his experiences as a child soldier in Sierra Leone:

Ishmael Beah has just released a second book – a novel called “Radiance of Tomorrow.” It is set in post-war Sierra Leone.




Seeds of Peace: Faith In Action

This week’s issue of SPIRIT Online features stories of Seeds of Peace Camp, a month-long experience for teens who grow up in countries in conflict.

How does listening to others’ stories rather than debating help resolve conflict? Why doesn’t taking sides help? When has real dialogue changed your mind about a person?

What difference do you think 4,000 Seeds can make in our world?

Reflection on SPIRIT ONLINE, November 24th


Reflection Questions for SPIRIT, November 24th:

1. How forgivable is Derek’s one beer? Do you react more like Anthony, Margaret, or Diane?

2. What do you think the consequences should be?

3. What example does Jesus give us in regard to forgiveness?

4. What do you find hard to forgive?

5. Where and how did Jesus reign today?

Reflection Questions on SPIRIT: November 17

1. When have you experienced God’s presence with you in danger? In success?

2. How is our relationship with God about more than touching a prayer cross?

3. Why shouldn’t we fear the end of the world?

4. If no one cared about living justly, would you? Why?

5. How do you show you are a Christian?