Music and the Gospel: “Do Life Big,” Jamie Grace; 3rd Sunday of Advent

Rejoice! There are prophets all around us proclaiming the Good News! Jamie Grace is one of them. As we journey through the third week of Advent, her song challenges us to think about how we can be prophetic voices in our own community. She sings about what this might look like:

Key Lines: “So go and do life big… / So spread your wings and fly. / Now go and show no fear. / You are enough to change the atmosphere.”

Questions: What are your hopes once you go to “spread your wings and fly” as a voice for truth? How does being joyful bring light into others’ lives?


Music and the Gospel: “Below My Feet,” Mumford & Sons; Second Sunday of Advent

As we move into the second week of Advent and light a second purple candle on our Advent wreaths, it can be so easy to slip into the chaos of the Christmas season. This song offers a chance to set aside some time to contemplate the world around us. We can reflect on how we might use our hands and eyes to serve with and learn from those around us, for that is preparing the way of the Lord.

Key Lines: “Let me learn from where I have been / Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn”

Questions: How do you prepare spiritually for the coming of Christmas? In what ways are you utilizing your eyes and hands to learn about your faith tradition?