Music and the Gospel: “Superwoman,” Alicia Keys, 3rd Sunday of Lent

Lent scripture readings include great moments in Israel’s history, this week the giving of the ten commandments.  SPIRIT explores what the commandments ask of us in our relationship with God and with our families, friends, neighbors, and even people we dislike. The commandments expect us to respect all people because ALL are equal in the eyes of God. Poverty leaves some people, especially women, without basic needs for themselves or their children. In many cultures and countries, women have few rights, little education, and diminished access to opportunities. Alicia Keys’ song “Superwoman” is about empowerment, strength, and continuing to fight for a better life, one where all have rights and protections.

Key Lyrics: For all the mothers fighting / For better days to come / And all my women, all my women sitting here trying / To come home before the sun / And all my sisters / Coming together / Say yes I will / Yes I can / I am a Superwoman / Yes I am / Yes she is / Even when I’m a mess / I still put on a vest / With an S on my chest / Oh yes / I’m a Superwoman

Questions: What injustices do you experience or see in your school or neighborhood?  In the world today? Who is working to right these injustices? How can you help? What commandments are especially important today?  What new commandments do we need? How do you stand up for what you believe?

Music and the Gospel: “Girl on Fire,” Alicia Keys

St. Ignatius of Loyola, whom we read about last week, told those who trained with him, “Go forth and set the world on fire.” By this he meant: share your gifts and passions in an unrelenting, larger-than-life way. Let your gifts spark life within you and ignite the light in others, helping our world to burn a bit brighter each day.

Key Lines: “Oh, she got both feet on the ground / And she’s burning it down / Oh, she got her head in the clouds / And she’s not backing down”

Questions: Without talking, stand up and put your body into a position that expresses what it feels like when you are holding something in or keeping a secret. Now move to a position that expresses what it feels like when you are giving it your all. Turn to the person next to you and tell them about a moment that made you feel like you were “burning it down” or “on top of the world.”